Management, Safety, Performance and Reliability Consulting

Sully Sullenberger is the founder and chief executive officer of Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. (SRM), a company dedicated to management, safety, performance, and reliability consulting. SRM’s expert analysis will identify ways to greatly improve safety, performance and reliability and will strengthen your bottom line. SRM’s approach can be applied to business, government, aviation, health care and other fields. SRM has the expertise and experience to improve your operations and enhance your opportunities for success.

Making the Best Better

Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. provides a wide variety of management and technical consulting services to private sector and public sector clients. These services range from analyses and assessments to comprehensive programs addressing critical needs at many levels. Our services include:

  • Analysis/Assessment
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Strategic Vision/Mission
  • Executive/Leadership Enhancement
  • Targeted Training Development and Implementation
  • Team Coaching
  • Transition to High Reliability Organization
  • Crisis Management

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