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September 12, 2012
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November 17, 2012
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It is a great honor to work as a consultant to DuPont Sustainable Solutions, a respected organization that has a centuries old culture of safety and excellence. It is even more rewarding that the work we have done together has been recognized by the industry.

This month our Miracle on the Hudson: Prepare for Safety training video won the Occupational Health and Safety magazine’s 2012 New Product of the Year Award for On-Site Training category. Using my own story of averting a tragedy, I highlight in the program the importance of the four Cs – Competence, Compassion, Communication, and Commitment, and inspire employees to improve their safety habits and act decisively and authoritatively during emergencies. This video training program also was recognized by the 2012 Communicator Award, the Remi Award, and the Telly Award.

Throughout my career I have gained a deeper understanding of every aspect of my profession. I have learned how important leadership is in creating an effective safety culture and how applicable and transferable these lessons are to many other domains such as energy, chemical, nuclear power, technology, financial risk management, transportation, maritime, construction and patient safety, an area where I have done substantial work. These are all high-stakes industries with little margin for error.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this important knowledge has such great application across so many industries, because what we are ultimately talking about is human performance in complicated systems that involve inherent risk. The ability to accurately assess and mitigate risk improves not only efficiency, quality and safety, but reduces costs and saves lives.

While no company or individual can solve the world’s protection problems alone, it’s DuPont’s belief that by working together, we can all increase our chances for living on a safer planet. In that regard, on October 29 and 30, 2012 in Coraopolis, PA, DuPont will partner with Indiana University of Pennsylvania and others in sponsoring the national Fatality Prevention Forum. I am delighted to be a guest speaker on behalf of DuPont to address issues related to studying the nature and causes of fatalities in the workplace – something I care deeply about and believe there is room for more effective systems that will reduce the number of preventable deaths.

Our multi-award winning training video stresses how such job competency, hazard-recognition skills and safety habits must be second nature on- and off-the-job. In this way, the program helps employees increase their commitment to safety and transform their organizations’ safety culture.

To purchase a copy of the training video or watch the trailer, please click here.

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DuPont Sustainable Solutions, one of 13 DuPont business groups, is an integrated global services and technology delivery business. Its offerings comprise four practice areas: Safety Resources, Sustainable Operations, Training Solutions and Clean Technologies. Together they offer consulting services, products and technologies that help organizations protect people and the environment, use assets more efficiently and improve worker skills and performance. Our training solutions have been used by more than 190,000 employee development professionals in 129 countries to help transfer knowledge and sustain business competitiveness.

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