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September 23, 2017
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“Sully” Pilots the Airline Industry Into the Future of Health and Safety

An instant may have transformed Captain Sullenberger into an American hero, but the pilot has devoted a lifetime to keeping airline passengers safe and secure Since […]
August 25, 2017
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Capt. Sullenberger on BBC Radio

Capt. Sullenberger on BBC Radio – Video on YouTube
July 13, 2017
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‘Sully’ Sullenberger wants to save the FAA

One of the things Congress must do in the next two months is pass legislation reauthorizing the existence of the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates air […]
May 17, 2017
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PODCAST: Captain “Sully” Sullenberger On How To Thrive Under Extreme Pressure

On January 15th, 2009 Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger led a crew that crash landed in the icy Hudson River an Airbus A320. A bird strike shortly […]
March 31, 2017
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American Airlines co-pilot dies during landing

A medical examiner is working to determine how an American Airlines co-pilot died at the controls. The flight from Dallas to Albuquerque had to make an […]
March 14, 2017
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Can Sully Transform the World of Self-Driving Cars?

Lost in the putrid cloud of self-driving car clickbait, the Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation held its first meeting on January 16th, 2017. […]
December 9, 2016
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What should you do in a plane emergency? Leave everything behind

An airline trade group predicts more than 42.5 million people will fly on U.S. carriers during this holiday season. That’s up three and a half percent […]