Flight 1549: 14 years later, through the eyes of a 14-year-old
January 15, 2023
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April 19, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO – Ambassador Sully Sullenberger, who recently served as the U.S. Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization, and is best known for successfully landing his disabled jetliner on the Hudson River with no fatalities in January 2009, has long spoken about the need for quantity and quality when it comes to new pilot training – and how we can and must have both. He released the following statement ahead of today’s House Subcommittee on Aviation hearing:

“Airline industry lobbyists and some in Congress are still trying to cut pilot training in half to cheapen and quicken it. That is a dumb and dangerous idea. With the recent shocking airline near misses and close calls, now is absolutely not the time to cut corners. No one would want their loved ones to board an airliner piloted by a crew not able to handle whatever challenges they will face.”

Ambassador Sullenberger will be listening to today’s hearing – “FAA Reauthorization: Examining Current and Future Challenges Facing the Aerospace Workforce.” He is a speaker, author, safety expert, and an ardent advocate for the safety of everyone who flies. His lifelong preparation and leadership enabled him to safely guide US Airways Flight 1549 to an emergency water landing in New York City’s frigid Hudson River – an inspirational and iconic moment in modern history. During his tenure as Ambassador to ICAO, a United Nations Specialized Agency, he reasserted U.S. leadership there, tackling the aviation crises involving Belarus, Russia, a Middle East airspace dispute and climate change. He has also testified before Congressional committees several times, as recently as 2019.